General Affiliate FAQs

How do I log-in to the affiliate platform?
You can log-in to the affiliate platform through this link.
What is my username and password? I forgot my login information.
If you cannot find your affiliate link password, please reset your password through this link.
How can I best engage my audience with your products?

Email is still the best medium to get people engaged. For webinar presentations, we recommend that Webinars run on Wednesday or Thursdays – and the email telling people about the event can ideally go out on the Friday or Monday before. Monday is best. We can provide you with engaging emails that are proven to get people to look at the webinar registration page.

Facebook is also still a useful medium if you have a decent following- but it plaes in comparison to emailing your own list.

How do you pay affiliate partners?
The most common form of payment is through Mass Pay using Paypal. Utilizing Paypal will result in zero fees from your total commissions. We can also send a check, but the preferable method of payment is Mass Pay. Please make sure to update your PayPal address when logging into your account.
How often do you pay? When will I get paid commissions on sales?

You can choose to be paid by PayPal or check. The commissions are usually paid monthly (around the 15th of every month) for the previous month’s sales.

We have a minimum commissions payout threshold of $100. Any commissions due on the 15th under $100 will be held until you reach the threshold in a subsequent month.

Are you first cookie or last cookie in? First Referred or Last Referred?
We have our affiliates best interests in mind and make every effort to ensure that your promotions receive proper reward. The Ontraport platform tracks first cookie in and as a result, you will paid on all of your leads.
What is the commission structure?

Please contact us directly for more information, but on the Qi Machines and the Saunas it’s generally 20%.

What products do you offer?

The products we have available for promotion at the moment are:

  1. Echo H2  Hydrogen Water Machine

We are working hard to bring the Qi EMF family and the Synergy Saunas into the affiliate platform.

How long do cookies last?
Cookies will be set for 60 days.
I need to get a hold of the Affiliate Manager…Who do I contact?

For all affiliate related questions please contact Linzi Cinnamond at


What affiliate platform do you use to track cookies, sales, and commissions?
We use the Ontraport platform.
How do I get my creative and affiliate links?
Promotion of each of product will needs approval from our team.
Once this has been done your affiliate links and everything you need for promotion will appear on the product page or will be emailed to you directly.
My readers have questions for the customer service team at “Synergy Science” – who do I refer them to?
Please refer them to:
Synergy Science Corporate Office Hours:
Monday thru Friday
9am – 5pm EST
Is there a way to see my commission stats?
You can view all of your affiliate commissions by logging into your affiliate account. As soon as you login, you will be able to see an overview of your impressions, clicks, conversions, and payout.