Welcome to the Synergy Science Affiliate Program!

Hey friends

Thank you for your interest in the Synergy Science Affiliate Program. We are fairly new to the affiliate scene, but our first efforts have got great opt in rates and amazing EPC’s and EPL’s over our range of Hydrogen Water Products.

The Echo H2 Hydrogen Water machine is our “flagship” offering. It retails for $2495, but we are able to offer it to your tribe with a $400 discount ($2,095) and STILL pay you a 20% commission ($420) per machine.

We will also shortly be rolling out affiliate offers for our range of Qi EMF units and our Synergy Saunas.

Our favored method of engagement at the moment is through informative webinars, where we give an educational presentation to your followersd of what Hydrogen water can pottnially do for the,.  But if you perefer, we can also just offer you affiliate links directed to our sales funnels.

We are very much a win/win organisation and would love to hear any suggestions you may have. So join us as an affiliate and lets make this work for both of us.